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How should I store my Truly Scrumptious Treats goodies. Our treats are made freshly in small batches to ensure maximum taste . It does not need to be kept refrigerated (fudge doesn’t like to be cold!). If the fudge is kept at home in sealed containers it will last for up to 3 months (if you can resist eating it!).


Is your fudge vegetarian / dairy-free / gluten-free? All of our fudge flavours are vegetarian suitable. Our traditional fudge flavours all contain milk and butter. Our honeycombe is dairy free. Some special flavours such as our Beer fudge do contain Gluten.


When should I order my fudge [… for Christmas/Easter/Mother’s Day/etc.] for maximum freshness? In order to ensure your fudge arrives on time, please give yourself plenty of time to order – see our delivery page for more information.

As the fudge stays fresh for 12 weeks, you can order anytime in this time period, but we would normally recommend ordering up to 2-4 weeks before you need your fudge for maximum taste and quality. Our toffee treats have a shorter shelf life but if stored dry and airtight will keep for 4-6 weeks.

What is the texture of your fudge? Our handmade artisan fudge is a crumbly fudge, unlike many mass-produced products that are soft or waxy like many other fudges.  Everything is handmade in a very traditional way, with layers being folded into the fudge as it cools on marble.  This gives for a unique crumbly texture, which is exactly what we love and what our customers love.